Do you need a brand strategy? Product? Create effective marketing communication? Our strategists not only have several years of experience and dozens of successful projects, but also heads bursting with ideas and endless energy and enthusiasm for the challenges posed by our clients!

Graphic Design

We create Key Visuals of products and marketing campaigns, graphic designs of websites, e-commerces, mobile applications, and DTP materials. We also offer permanent, hourly or subscription graphic services for projects and companies.


We build brand awareness and recognition as well as its well-thought-out and consistent character. We create form signs attractive to target groups along with a set of rules and guidelines on how to correctly and optimally use them on all communication levels.

UX and copywriting

We not only create content, but also design its architecture on the website so that it is as transparent as possible and favors its maximum absorption by users. We encourage your clients to read the most important messages, but also to explore and learn about the details of your offer.

UX Mockup

We design positive experiences of users communing with your brand! Mock-ups allow you to visualize the appearance, mechanics and functionality of the product before programming work, which allows you to reduce costs and refine assumptions.

UX Usability Audit

Based on expert knowledge, cognitive journey and heuristic analysis, we check and verify websites, stores and applications in terms of user experience. The final report and recommendations make it possible to improve the ease and intuitiveness of using a given tool and, as a result, increase conversion and effectiveness in business activities.

Usability Tests

A properly selected research group of 5-10 users performs tasks on the website, e-commerce or in the application, based on prepared scenarios. Usability tests allow you to eliminate up to 85% of errors that often appear in IT projects and save large costs of subsequent programming corrections.

UX Benchmarking

Together with the client, we set goals, such as increasing conversion, improving sales results or the intuitiveness of the application, and then we analyze the most effective practices used in a given or related industry and products.

Portals and websites

When creating a website for you, we do not work for you, but with you to best understand the needs and goals that the Internet version of your business must meet. Together, we go through the needs analysis, creating content architecture, UX mock-up, and the design phase, so that the final effect will help you achieve your goals.


We help to organize the product catalog as well as sales and order handling processes in your company in order to create the most intuitive, easy to use and buyer-friendly e-commerce platform. We adapt technologies and solutions to your and your customers' needs, so as to lower your costs and increase profits!

Dedicated CMS and CRM

Systems for optimization of production and costs, warehouse systems, extensive product configurators, analytical systems, or tools for the integration of various external platforms, are just some of our projects. Tell us what you need, and we will design and build it with full adaptation to the individual needs of your business.

Mobile applications

Do you need an extensive sales application? Loyalty program? Or maybe something unusual to consolidate and strengthen the company's image? We have not only experienced technological facilities to achieve these goals, but above all creative minds, thanks to which we will create tools that your customers will desire!

Comprehensive website support

Content management, creating new content, text and graphics, programming work - extension and modification of the website, service work - software updates as well as monitoring and developer backups. If necessary, we also offer a 24/7 emergency call.

Project management

Comprehensive coordination of the project implementation, team and subcontractor management, ensuring the quality and timeliness of implementation and budget control. We operate in the methodology chosen by the client (Scrum, Agile), we take care of detailed reports and full transparency of cooperation.


We analyze the market and competition, isolate the most effective key phrases, optimize website content and code, and create SEO-friendly content.

Social Media

We create a communication strategy, develop content and comprehensively manage your social media profiles. We analyze and optimize activities and budgets on an ongoing basis, and we communicate with your users.

Media Planning

We provide personalized marketing solutions on a clear basis. We introduce you to all the steps taken to maintain full transparency about the effects of the funds invested by you. We analyze activities and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis to maximize your profit and achieve your goals.

UX / UI audits

An expert audit is an excellent basis for determining the scope of necessary changes in order to optimize the implementation time and project costs. We analyze websites and online stores, systems and applications based on heuristics, cognitive journey, analysis of user behavior using tools such as Google Analytics or HotJar.

Design Thinking

We conduct workshops for marketing, product, sales and HR teams, but also individual sessions. We work on understanding the cognitive, strategic and practical processes, thanks to which project teams learn effective methods of solving problems, creating new, innovative products, services or processes by identifying the real needs of a single user

Design Sprints

Workshops introducing the five-step framework used for the process of quick and cheap hypothesis validation. Its main goal is to shorten the decision-making process without having to build the entire solution.


Not sure what you need? What solutions to use, how to plan implementations? Are you afraid of uncontrolled costs? Tell us about your problems and challenges, and we will help you organize everything and prepare an action plan.